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For a more stable and safer system, shoot MS-IE, MS-Outlook and MS-Office out, and replace them with SeaMonkey (e-mail client included) and Open Office.
Log-ProtectProtect your children against the Net
  Parental ControlParental control (french)
  CrapthèqueList of "Crapuleux" software (french)
 SkypeCall other SkyPE users for free all around the world
 Mozilla SuiteThe best Internet browser and e-mail suite
 SeaMonkeyMozilla Suite becomes SeaMonkey
 FireFoxInternet browser only
 Thunderbirde-Mail Client
 Open OfficeChoose "Non-Micro$oft" solutions
 Version 3.2.1 in french(129 Mo)
 Version 3.2.1 in english(134 Mo)
 Lot of Freeware 
 Google EarthTake a look at the earth from the sky
 ZebulonFrench "bidouilleurs"
 FramaSoftThe free software library (Wonderful but in french)
 VLC (VideoLAN Client)Video player and streamer.
 aMSN MessengerThe one you need to replace Micro$oft version
 MirandaAnother MS-Messenger replacement
 InkScapeThe "Adobe Illustrator" like
 ScribusPublishing as with Adobe InDesign
 KompozerWeb authoring
 NVUThe father of Kompozer
LINUX distributions :
 DistroWatch.comDiscover different distributions of Linux
 icewalkers.comDiscover different distributions of Linux
 K-UbuntuUbuntu : KDE Desktop
 DSLDamn Small Linux
 KOfficeLiveCD version of this KDE office suite
 Puppy LinuxSmall linux liveCD distro. A wonderfull tool.
Interesting web sites :
FSUGArFree Softwares Users Group Arlon