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Welcome on Bajc web site.

This one is hosted at home and is running under Apache 2 with PHP and MySQL, it also runs an e-mail server (hMailServer), a web-mail interface (SquirrelMail), a FTP server (FileZilla FTP Server).

Two "Groupware" are also in trial phase : e-Groupware and Goup-Office.

Some CMS (Content Management System) were tested, and CMS Made Simple seems to have the best ration between simplicity and performance.

All the code of this site is written with ConText editor, a simple tool with syntax highlightment. No heavy software supposed to do everything automatically and no Flash, so much "à la mode" and so much boring..!

If you still use Internet Explorer, it's time now to change your browser, and switch to Mozilla suite, SeaMonkey, or Firefox. These are more secure and conform with W3C Internet directives.